About Ed Sachs

Ed Sachs retired as President Emeritus with Pioneer Electronics, USA, in April 2009. Ed Sachs built world class  sales  and breakthrough distribution techniques within the consumer electronics industry.

It was in his last fiscal year at Pioneer that the company saw its highest top line revenue and Income Before Tax in the divisions history.  Ed Sachs was the moving force behind the original attempt  bringing automotive industry leaders together  to promote the aftermarket car audio industry to the consuming public.  Ed was inducted into the Dealerscope Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame in 2009 after 35 years in the industry.

Ed promoted creative strategic thinking, leadership techniques, managing transparency, accountability, relevant goal setting and team building, distribution analysis and sales management revisions.  Ed employed his marketing skills at Pioneer allowing for creative end to end clarity to local and national campaigns.

Ed Sachs was appointed to Mission Viejo’s Investment Advisory Commission, January 2013

Ed Sachs is married to Leagh Sachs, an award winning photographer  for her work.  Her work has been shown at the Orange County Fair and in  a San Juan Capistrano Gallery.  The family includes two adult children David and Daniel Sachs, Titan the dog, and Charles the bird.  David and Daniel both grew up in Mission Viejo participating in soccer, martial arts,  high school football and hockey before attending college.  David is now enjoying a career in music and Daniel works for Fedx.