The Conversation Begins

There are many reasons that I am running for City Council.  Among the more pressing are listed on this page.  Please take some time and send me your comments and thoughts.  After all, I am running to represent your interests and your city.

  • State up front the total cost of Capital Investment Projects
    • Stop the City’s deceptive practice of only identifying project costs in phases.  Residents are much more inclined to accept project cost when they are told the truth about an entire project cost.  Change orders become the tool that is used only for that “unexpected” expenditure once the public knows the total project costs up front.
  • End closed door meetings and allow more time for public comments
    • Too often residents learn about “deals” or “contract specifics” that are discussed behind the public veil and then approved in public.  There are specific rules for the use of the Brown Act.  Beyond those rules, there is nothing that should not be discussed openly.
  • Fortify reserves and return windfall reserves to residents
    • Specifically the maintenance reserves have been eroded year-over-year in favor of expenses not related to maintenance and upkeep of city buildings and vehicles.  One day there will be a greater need for this budget item and the city may find itself short of funds.